Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Special @ Bliss

Valentine Special - Chocolate Making Workshop

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine.!! Bliss, multi-designer lifestyle store celebrates Valentines Day by inviting you to a special 'Quick Chocolate' workshop by Ms Mitali Desai.

Learn to make Chocolate covered Strawberries, Rocky Road Candy, Valentine Chocolate Truffles, Cappuccino Truffles & Fudgy Chocolate Hearts.

Join us on Friday, 12 February 2010 @ 4 pm for a Valentine Special - Chocolate Making Workshop at
Bliss, 180, Aram Nagar 1, Fisheries University Road, 7 Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai - 61
Phone: 263322111, 32095929


Chocolate Making Workshop


Caricature Artist


Nail Art

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just in @ Bliss [1]

Its been almost 6 months since Bliss opened and the Bliss family is getting really big! We are proud to be associated with all of the designers and organizations who are a part of us. We have just received a whole new bunch of exquisite products that we would like to share with you. Introducing you all to these new additions to our family..

Haathi Chaap

The name says it all – Literally!! Haathi Chaap is an over the top collection of books/ clocks/ bags/ bookmarks all made entirely of Elephant Poo Paper. The products boast of being made by the finest elephant dung available in India. What’s more’s organic and safe to use! The paper is probably one of the most ecologically safe papers to make and use… Colours, if added, comprise of mostly vegetable and natural dyes. No bleach is used. The waste water is let out in cultivated fields close by... works as a great fertilizer. All in all a very eco-friendly range of products ranging from magnetic clocks, coasters, notebooks, bookmarks to funky knick knacks like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and our very own ‘Gulel’.


Sanchali is a handmade jewellery collection by Dakshayini Gowda. ‘Sanchali’ means movement in Sanskrit and aims to be a bridge between past civilisations and modern day living. This project is based on the historic arts and crafts from various periods. Sanchali conducts workshops in both rural and urban areas. Sanchali also works with rural women to teach them life skills that give them financial independence and confidence. The Varanasi collection is produced by village women in Karnataka with design inputs from Daksha. This project has become a livelyhood project for these women. This particular collection is made with scraps/ leftovers of banarasi saress/ silks etc, thus following the system of wate management. These scraps are transformed into work of art or an expression of the craftsmen of today. This jewellery is sequenced with stone, glass, clay beads. Or bark of a tree, wood or seed which are naturally found to add to the aesthetics of the craft in its traditional way. Still adhering to the authenticity and aesthetics of the product, the jewellery is uniquely designed and created out of recycled material from nature while its exterior packaging imparts an educational message to its consumers. More info available at


Organic Apparel for Men & Women. “Bhu” stands for earth and “sattva” for essence and hence Bhu:sattva means “True Essence Of Earth.” Bhu:sattva is a brand of premium organic designer prĂȘt’ wears, owned by Rising Tradelink Limited (RTLL) and designed by Mr. Digvijay Singh. Bhu:sattva signified the dire need of fashion industry for going green and hence to have a sustainable eco-friendly approach towards society. The fabrics used are 100 % organic/eco-friendly and hence doesn’t tax the land through chemicals. The dyes used are natural herbal dyes and no hazardous chemicals are used during the process. Many of the Natural Dyes are medicines itself as they are extracted from herbs, which have endless list of the therapeutic benefits. Bhu:sattva uses fabrics which are made from natural fibres like cotton, cruelty free silk, wool, bamboo, flax, hemp, linen, banana, soya bean, sea grass and many more. Organic is eco-friendly, economically & socially sustainable and integrates with our current living trends. So just not welcome the change but be a part of it – wear organic.

Crawford Market Candles

Exquisite Candles that are made from pure natural bee wax and hand-poured. The deep mango colour of the candles is the natural colour of the wax, and the slight sweet aroma of honey is the natural essence of the wax. Bee wax candles burn without producing any smoke, are safe and healthy to burn and also contain an enzyme that naturally purifies and cleans the air, rather than masking odors in the air with artificial scents. The organization works with a number of NGO’s as well as provide full-time employment opportunities to women from underprivileged communities. Indeed a brilliant effort in generating a positive social impact by bringing natural, eco-friendly and nutritious goods to the market, while creating fair employment opportunities for disadvantaged women. The candles are available in Natural Honey/ Lemongrass and Clove.

Neil Dantas

Based in Aamchi Mumbai, Neil’s bags and tees are full of his love and adoration for the city. Be it the ‘Recycle’ bag or the’ Bus kya’ totes, being a true mumbaikar at heart, you just can’t put it down. These bags support the green cause by promoting the use of fabric bags. Also showcasing tees with quirky designs showcasing those special ‘mumbaiya’ moments.

Nida Mahmood

Being an Indian, we all have this love for Bollywood which will stay forever. And then there are those evergreen films and songs and actors that we simply relish. We bring to you a small way of keeping these memories with you. Introducing Notepads/ Bags/ Coasters Keychains and Matchboxes by Nida Mahmood. So go ahead and bring home a Gabbar Bag along with Don coasters and show off that true Bollywood addict that you are!

Bliss wishes you all a Happy Valentines Day much in advance. Do come back for some updates on the happenings @ Bliss all through Valentines week!!