Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bliss Art Fest

Welcome to the 'Bliss Art Fest'

There's something for everyone at this art & craft festival……

featuring photographers, painters and graphic artists alongside handmade one-of-a-kind craft pieces
functional and decorative …..

We hope to make Bliss Art Fest synonymous with a unique opportunity for young and upcoming artists ….as much as an opportunity for art lovers and connoisseurs …..

Adding a little zest to the arts festival is a small film festival of sorts…..A small screening space within the store to view perhaps a bollywood blockbuster or maybe an offbeat French film..

To tingle………the senses further we have on the menu a taste of Sula wines…and an array of scrumptious delights by Truffles

Some of the contributing artists include :

- Hoshnar- An artist who works on canvas with charcoals, acrylic and oils….
- Rachna shah- a photographer doing street photography….
- Anamika- a sketch artist
- Baaya designs- a company with a collection of folk art from across india as well as their own product range of home accessories inspired by indian art
- Varsha- homemaker who does handcrafted lights
- Ranjina Mehta - embroidered art frames
- Parveen Hemmadi - porcelain artist
- Malini- decoupage art
- Bliss - vintage hollywood poster prints
- Neil Dantas- graphics and furniture
- Livelywood - handpainted furniture pieces & mirrors
- Kuprakhabi- handmade ceramic artifacts
- Vineeta Nair - decoupage and wall art
- Sachin Naik - watercolour artist
- Earthy Goods & Neev - handmade soaps and oils
- cCube - handpainted cushion covers
- Swati Chandak Sharma - graphics and furniture.
& lots more..

For further details, please call 26332111/ 32095929

Stop by for a fun 'arty' weekend..!!