Friday, July 16, 2010

shhhh.. we're on SALE....


  1. hi !!!! good to know u are having a 70% sale ....sorry came to know about it a bit too late .......also had a business proposal for you : if u would be interested in stocking ladies clutch purses in jamevar, handloom cottons & raw-silk . I design & get made same here in mumbai & would be interested in supplying on a regular basis .Contact me at for pics , prices , delivery & payment mode

  2. I absolutely hate that I missed the sale. I just came to your store today for the first time and loved it, felt too bad to buy anything because just 4 days before I could have got it on discount! :( Will come by again and browse through the clothes and everything at leisure. Brilliant stuff and gorgeous interiors.

  3. Hey Shaheen,
    thanks for the lovely comments about Bliss! Now that you're on our list you will get to know about all our promotions..will keep you updated!!
    ....till then stay blissful!!