Monday, October 5, 2009

Our road to 'Bliss'..

Hi All,

Would like to start this blog with a brief introduction to 'Bliss'!

About Vibe Design Lab:

Started by Mr. Priyal Thakker & Ms. Mallika Desai, along with friends, Pratik, Suparna & Abhay in 2005, Vibe Design Lab is a multi-faceted visual communications & design firm delivering design solutions in the fields of :

Visual merchandising

Product design & Fixture design

Interior design & Styling

Architecture and Urban design

Set Design & Creative direction

Our motto “DESIGN BRINGS DREAMS TO LIFE” has been the driving force to continually explore the new horizons, in all forms of design. At Vibe, we believe in dreams....and the fact that the way to crystallize them into reality is through a conscious focused effort. So our first step is to dream.......dream big........dream right. Our design studio is our laboratory where we undertake unending experiments in search of designs, that vibe in sync with our project requirements.

About “Bliss”

“Bliss” started off as one such dream….and countless lunch time discussions. How can we at “Vibe” promote design & creativity? Can we create a one – stop lifestyle destination that provides an ideal platform for people from all walks of life to showcase their creativity? We at Vibe have always found our “Bliss” in our passion for design. We’ve always felt that it would be a great idea for like – minded people to showcase their creativity in one space, however, varied the product. Hence, Bliss……….

We want “Bliss” to become “a lifestyle destination” with a difference – every product is unique, handpicked, & therefore can be customized as per our clients requirements. Our designers range from well known names in the fashion industry to working professionals with a flair for design & the desire to do something different. We showcase each designer’s work as their own, thereby giving them due respect & credit for their work. We intend to create an oasis of immense talent, a treasure trove of products that will add happiness to our client’s lives. We envisage it to be a gathering space where like minded people can get together over a cup of coffee. Our future plans include design showcases, workshops, exhibitions, bazaars………several experiments that will keep the “spirit of design” alive.

We hope that coming to “Bliss” will be a “blissful” experience for each & every person that walks through the little wooden gate.

About the name:

Bliss happiness; heaven; pleasure; delight; paradise; harmony………… the experience that we imagined we would create & share with the world around us.

About the Logo:

Derived from the” sahasrara chakra” (the crown chakra) generally depicted as a thousand petaled lotus, it symbolizes the point where the soul finally becomes united with God, to attain ultimate ”Bliss”.

Delight. Pleasure. Harmony. Heaven…You have reached BLISS - The feeling of pure and sheer joy.

With the commitment of extending this very emotion to you, is our lifestyle store Bliss, at 7 Bungalows, Andheri (W). A 2-storeyed bungalow situated in a quaint lane just off the main road, the warm colors welcome you to an extensive spread of products ranging from designer prĂȘt, fashion accessories, furniture and home accessories.

Lower level : Labels in Apparel & accessories -

Nachiket Barve · Women’s Apparel
Lina Tipnis · Women’s Apparel
Myoho · Women’s Apparel by Kiran & Meghna
Divya Anand · Women’s Apparel
‘Hansiba’ by Sewa · Women’s Apparel & Accessories
Paromita Banerjee · Women’s Apparel
Sonia Jetley · Women’s Apparel
Blackflower · Women's Apparel by Tanvi Desai Thakker
Kaliraha · Women’s Footwear & Bags by Jaya Bhansali
Pandora’s Pitara · Handcrafted Jewellery by Kiran Ajmera
Honey Lulla · Customised Fashion Jewellery
Soul of Silver · Silver Jewellery
Elements of Desire · Semi precious stone accessories & Scarves by Amrita Hans
Eminence · Silver Accessories
Sonam Mehta · Women’s Apparel
Stoffa · Women’s Footwear & Bags
Swa · Funky Accessories by Maithili & Ankan Mandal
Embellish · Enamel Accessories by Sannam Chopra
Pepper · Women’s Bags & Clutches by Pooja Pariani
Crimzon · Women’s Footwear & Bags by Sonali Dalwani
Blackcurrent · Women’s Clutches by Neha & Nivedita
Pastiche · Women’s Apparel by Smruti Dhanuka
Lavender · Women’s Clutches by Pooja Punjabee
Five Strands · Eco-friendly Women’s Apparel by Dhirendra Singh
Shahid Amir · Men’s Apparel
Sanjay Hingu · Men’s Apparel
Monapali ·Women’s Apparel
Walnut · Women’s Apparel by Divya & Nidhi Gambhir
Naina Shah · Women’s Apparel
Panckti · Sarees
Rashmi Agarwal · Sarees

First Level : Furniture, Home Accessories & Knick-knacks

Magppie · Accessories & Decorative Pieces
Happily Unmarried · Over the top Accessories
Jenny Pinto · Handmade eco-friendly Lamps
Pondymania · Paper, Canvas & Wooden Lamps
Stylkist · Home Accessories
Riddhi Desai · Handcrafted notebooks & diaries
Vineeta Nair · Paintings & Handpainted Trays
Ash & Teak · Furniture
Rituals · Candles & Tea Light Holders
LivelyWood · Furniture & Mirrors
Potter’s Place · Artifacts
Shubhangi Singh · Wall Clocks & Home Accessories
Devangi Designs · Cushion Covers
Sonal Shahani · Cushion Covers

We assure you of a 'blissful' experience as soon as you enter the store. Please stop by whenever you can.
Store Timings : Mon- Sat ; 11:00am - 8:00pm

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  1. Hi,
    Would just like you to know that the designs on some of the cushions you are retailing by radhika vissanji, singapore of Devangi designs are actually made by me. She copied my art from my online deviantART gallery and printed them on cushions. I have not been able to take action as yet because I am a small time designer.

    I have already had the owner of Loose Ends remove them from the shelves. I request you to do the same.

    Before you do, please have a look:

    I hope you will do the right thing. Some of my friends retail with you as well, and this sort of behaviour brings their work down, and the reputation of your store as well, which I would not like to see happen.

    Mira Malhotra