Tuesday, October 6, 2009


'Bliss'...as seen from the quaint lane off the main road

Welcoming you into 'Bliss'..

Beautifully ornamented Sarees by designers Rashmi Agarwal & Panckti.

Versatiles shirts, trousers & jackets are available for every 'perfect' occasion.

Accessories vary from jewellery to bags to footwear to scarves..

The apparel section showcases collections from some of the country's most talented designers.

Contemporary designs in furniture can be customized to fit into your spaces.

Handcrafted candles by Rituals add onto the perfect interiors of 'Bliss'

Menswear by Sanjay Hingu & Shahid Amir

Each product has been handpicked to fit into the space.

A kingsize masterpiece adorns the feature wall.

Breathtakingly beautiful furniture designs occupy the space.

Eco-friendly paper lamps by Jenny Pinto.

Beautiful artworks from a varied bunch of designers adorn the walls at 'Bliss'.

Here we see various Semi Precious stone samples, that are used as a part of furniture inlay.

Tastefully done interiors welcome you into this cozy home section on the first level.

Customized furniture & furnishings available for your home.

A wide range of colours and cushions spread across the wall.

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